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Frank Skateboards – Eniz

Dallas Rockvam’s new company employee number 4 is none other than Eniz Fazliov.

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Jerome Campbell – Lightworks

Check out this clip Phil Evans made about UK’s  Jerome Campbell. A nice mix of his stylish way of rollin’ around and his B&W still  photography. Head over to the Carhartt site and watch the clip, accompanied by a little interview and a gallery of Jerome’s B&W still shots. Good stuff!

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Oscar Candon For FRANK Skateboards

FRANK’s third employee is Mr. Oscar Candon. Check out the clip over here!

Daewon Song 2 Up

Youness killed it, but wow, Daewon sure ain’t retired yet!

Youness Amrani 2 Up

Just in case you missed this one. Once again Youness proofs he got badass balance!

Youness Amrani The Am Years

Youness Amrani is pro. Check out this compilation of his am years. So proud of you buddy!