Save The Skatepark Of Amsterdam

As you probably know by now the Skatepak of Amsterdam might have to close down. Monster is gathering money to save the park. Check this little video clip, Tim Zom explains how you can contribute! And if you didn’t understand shit from what Zom was saying just click continue reading for some more info!

Greyson Fletcher Goes Bananas

Gravis: Creative Departures Expo

Results + photos O’neill Skatefest

Results: 1. Axel Cruysberghs 2. Simon Deprez 3. Jonathan Thijs

Lockwood Skatecamp week 2

Here’s the video of the Nike x Lockwood 2012 skatecamp. This time brought to you by videographer Willem Vleugels.

Best & Worst: Cairo Foster

Live Skateboard Media has a  new feature called Best & Worst, to poke the brain of our favorite skateboarders, and learn a bit more about them? First one up is Cairo Foster.

Austyn Gillette CPH Pro 2012

Style galore!

Chris Cole Wins CPH Pro 2012

Click continue reading for some more Copenhagen Pro 2012 madness!

Supra In OZ

Matt Rodriguez Mixtape

Manolo just dropped a new mixtape, this time uber styler Matt Rodriguez gets remixed. 3 days ago I was in Paris, I was stoked I got to meet Manolo, the man responsible for the Eric Koston, the Lucas Puig and Guy Mariano mixtapes, and plenty of more dopeness! Good good stuff! He who has most fun […]