Niklas Speer Von Cappeln Rollen Aaller 3

Street Junkies Premiere

Geoffrey Van Hove’s company Homemade is finally releasing their movie Street Junkies. Featuring the man himself, Lionel Pop Krop, Kevin Tshala and Dutchie Shajen Willems. And off course there will be a friends/special guests section. Expect some good stuff!

Shnelle Montage

Filmed by Boedakopf. Featuring Steven de Wachter, Wietse Smeulders, Gianni Hernandez, Vincent Bakker, Ben Daeleman, Ralf Goossens, Marijn Verbruggen & Bram de Cleen.

Skate & Create: Creature

Creature won the Skate & Create contest with their Skate Wars clip.

The Best Of Jordan Hoffart

Jart @ The DC Embassy

Featuring Ivan Rivado, Mark Frölich and Bastien Salabanzi.

Go To Town Pt.2

Some more concrete knowledge coming from Pontus Alv.

Bye Bye Carlsbad Gap

Nanaka Fujisawa 11 Years Old

Check out this 11 year old Japanese girl! Amazing!

BOTW 2012 Menen Results & Photos

Click continue reading for some photos shot by Elliott, cheers mate!