Roel Walbers Sunday Lines

Best Of The West Photos Oostende

Here are some photos of last weekends contest in Oostende. Click continue reading. All photos by Elliott, thanks for that!

Best Of The West 2012: Oostende Results

Last weekend the Best Of The West contest series started off in Oostende. Fabian Verhaeghe took first place, Jonathan Vlerick won the 15years & older and Sean Puype got first place in the 14 years & younger category. Click continue reading for the full results! Stay tuned for the video.

The Other Ones

The independent skate video The Other Ones by Thaddeus Croskey starring Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Matt Rodriguez, Steve Durante, Ben Raybourn, Danny Dicola, Jack Sabback, Jon Goemann, Kenny Reed, Ryan Reyes, Fred Gall & Ryan Lay. Good stuff!

The Chrome Ball Incident: Cardiel

The Chrome Ball Incident has a post with photos, links, etc… of John Cardiel!

NYC Magic: Supra In The City

Nike SB Benelux: Lost In Trainslation

Here’s the video of the Lost In Trainslation article in our latest issue Wood #11. A fourteen day trip by train with the Nike SB Benelux team, all the way from Amsterdam to Istanbul. Edit & filming by Zev Van Sluysdam.

Linkebeek Skatepark RIP

No more massive bs airs for Szymon Stachon @ Linkebeek skatepark. The last indoor spot in the Brussels area had to close its doors. Click here to watch some news about it on Télé Bruxelles.

Robert Ingimarsson

Recyclart Brussels 2004-2008